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Welcome to Chelsea Community Education

Chelsea Community Education & Recreation is a department of the Chelsea School District.  We are "Dedicated to educating and enriching the community."  We do this through a robust offering of after-school classes, clubs and camps for youth, as well as day, evening and weekend programs for adults.  Our early childhood and after-school care programs provide for our youngest learners.  We also partner with the City of Chelsea to offer youth and adult recreation programming, and while we do support the City's programming needs, we do offer our leagues and programs to residents of the Chelsea School District and beyond.

Preschool & Early Childhood

The Chelsea Community Preschool offers classes for our youngest Bulldogs each and every year.  We offer half-day and full day classes for 3, 4 and 5 year olds.  We also offer our First Steps program for families looking to get involved but who are not yet ready for preschool.  Click Learn More to explore all our offerings!

Enrichment Courses (Adult and Youth)

Enrichment programs are one of the main components of Community Education.  We offer after-school, evening and some weekend programs.  Programs are open to anyone, whether you live in the Chelsea School District or not. Check out all that we offer inside.

After-School Care

The Chelsea School District offers after-school care options for our students.  The program is offered at the WSEC campus for students Kindergarten through 5th grade.  Click Learn More to explore the program!

Sports Programs (Adult and Youth)

Youth and adult sports and  recreation activities include all of the traditional team sports, as well as instructional programs and camps.  Programs are open to anyone, whether you live in the Chelsea School District or not.  Look inside to see what we have available.


The Charles S. Cameron Pool at Beach Middle School offers group and private swimming lessons for youth, as well as public lap and open swim opportunities throughout the year.  Click below to see what classes are being offered!

Facility Use

The Chelsea School District makes many of its facilities available for rent by residents outside of the normal school day.  Some of the most popular facilities include one of the two full-service auditoriums, the Cameron Pool at Beach Middle School, many of the gymnasiums, and numerous classrooms and large meeting rooms.

Facility Use

Get in Touch

If you have any questions about programs we offer feel free to contact us.